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Phil’s World Trail Construction

Funding Status

$40,030.00 of $66,872.00
60% funded|

Location Name: Phil's World

Nearest Town/City, State: Cortez, Colorado

Project Partners: SW Colorado Cycling Association

Project Description

This project is to help complete construction of newly approved trails (non-motorized with a mountain bike focus) at Phil’s World near Cortez, Colorado. In 2018, the Tres Rios BLM approved 22.5 miles of new trails, and 2 new trailheads, to complement the existing 27 miles of trails at this nationally recognized mt. biking destination. The BLM, in partnership with SW Colorado Cycling Assn. and SW Colorado Conservation Corps have already completed 15.5 miles of new trail. There are approx. 7 miles left to build including the Talon, Seldom Seen, Road N Connector, and Short n’ Sweet trails. Funding would go toward completion of any or all of these trails, and the installation of a bike pump/tool station at each trailhead.

Why It Matters

Phil's World is the keystone trail system in the Cortez Special Recreation Management Area, managed to provide easily accessible non-motorized trails close to local communities. The vast majority of use at Phil's World is mtn biking, though hiking, trail running, and some equestrian use occurs as well. In 2019, approximately 30,000 visitors used the non-motorized trails.
The remaining trails to be built are all key in providing connectivity between the local communities and the existing trail system: The Talon Trail connects the new trailheads to one another; the Seldom Seen and Road N Connector trails provide access from Dolores and rural residents; and the Short n’ Sweet trails routes around private land to ensure longevity.

Type(s) of Recreation

  • Biking
  • Mountain
  • Fat Tire
  • Flowriding/Downhill
  • Other
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding