Connecting Families on board the Pride of Baltimore II along the Star-Spangled Banner Trail

Location Name: Chesapeake Bay
Nearest Town/City, State: Baltimore, Maryland
Project Partners: National Park Service, Pride of Baltimore, Inc.
Minimum donation is $10
  • $161,465.36 of $258,065.36
  • 62.57% funded
Item Charge
Donation $NONE
Fees ( 4% ) $NONE
Total $No Charge
All funding donated will be dedicated 100% to go toward the project costs. For example, we directly pay a portion of a project’s costs such as campfire rings, picnic tables, or the fees to engage a Conservation Youth Corps.


The PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II (PRIDE), a replica War of 1812 privateer schooner, is partnering with the National Park Service (NPS)’s Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail to inspire families at a minimum of 10 Chesapeake Bay cities—in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.—to learn more about the War of 1812 and the importance of stewardship for the Bay and the trail. Families will engage in free day sails and dockside interpretive experiences and connect with local 1812 sites and bay organizations for future programming.

PRIDE staff will work with local organizations at each port city to identify local groups to assist in promoting the program to families. Priority will be given to traditionally under-represented communities.


A priority for PRIDE and NPS is to connect with under-represented populations in order to address the inequality in access to water-based experiences as well as highlight that they are part of the story–not outside of it. War of 1812 privateers vessels have many inspiring stories related to free African-Americans who either served as crew members or worked as ship caulkers in the early 1800s.

This project will also help to raise awareness of the Chesapeake’s rich history during America’s early years, creating stewards who will work to preserve local trail-related history and conserve the Bay.

When PRIDE is docked in a port, she draws significant attention. If we engage 10 cities, this program could reach approximately 30,000 people.


  • Water Sports
  • Sailing