Unsmoke Canada Cleanups

Unsmoke Canada Cleanups is a grant-giving program established in 2020 through a partnership between The Great Outdoors Fund and #UnsmokeCanada to support litter cleanup projects anywhere in Canada.

The Great Outdoors Fund is a nonprofit dedicated to generating voluntary funding from the private sector to assist public agencies and nonprofit organizations in keeping the great outdoors healthy and open for the benefit and enjoyment of people of all ages, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds.

#UnsmokeCanada is an initiative by Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, Inc. (RBH) to help rid Canada of cigarettes by 2035.  RBH is committed to encouraging and enabling society to reduce litter globally.

From city parks to national parks, our goal is to help everyone work together to keep Canada’s great outdoors great!

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