Expanding Horizons, One Sail at a Time

Project Details
Location Name: Chesapeake Bay
Nearest Town/City, State: Baltimore , Maryland
Project Partners: Pride of Baltimore, Inc.
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Project Description

For the last three seasons, thanks in part to support from the National Park Service, PRIDE II has sailed throughout the Chesapeake Bay providing free deck tours and two-hour day sails with a focus on youth and their families.

Participants gain a new appreciation for the benefits of on-water activities, our waterways, and for the contributions to sailing and American history that privateers and sailors have made in the past.

This project seeks to raise the funds needed to continue offering free sails and dockside activities in 2024.

Why it Matters

Pride of Baltimore, Inc. believes that extending free programs into communities who have historically felt that on-water recreation is out of reach will keep Maryland’s unique maritime history and culture relevant by providing youth and their families access to the Chesapeake Bay so they can experience it from a fresh angle—on the water.

As the largest estuary in the United States of America, together we can share the expanded horizons and possibilities that being on the water brings with all Marylanders.

Your gift will help ensure PRIDE II’s future, including making it possible for passengers of all ages to experience the magic that comes from a first sailing adventure.

Types of Recreation
  • Water Sports
  • Sailing