Bringing Dock Fishing Back: The Great Outdoors Fund and Occidental Team Up for Brantley Lake State Park Enhancements

Brantley Lake State Park, located just outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico, is a desert oasis and an outdoor recreation destination for locals and long-distance travelers alike. The park, which was developed to take advantage of the recreational opportunities provided by the creation of the lake, offers boating, fishing, swimming, camping, hiking, and excellent bird-watching. It also features beautiful sunsets and stunning night skies.

The lake is best known for fishing and water recreation activities. Unfortunately, a much-used piece of recreation infrastructure—a fishing dock at the park’s popular Seven Rivers boat ramp—had to be removed about five years ago after it became worn out and unsafe.  Anglers wanted the dock back, but there were no resources available within the park’s budget to replace it. Fortunately, thanks to a private-public partnership facilitated by The Great Outdoors Fund, that’s about to change.

“This is recreation infrastructure the community has wanted back,” The Great Outdoors Fund’s Founder Lori McCullough said. “And, thanks to Occidental, we’re going to be able to install a new, low-maintenance floating dock and walkway that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

“We always look for ways to give back to the communities where we operate in and live, ” said Babatunde Cole, Occidental President and General Manager, Delaware Basin Business Unit.  “The goal of our contribution is to  invest in public good and  enhance the overall experience for visitors of the lake.”

“The new dock gives people a spot to fish from, including those with disabilities who might not otherwise be able to take advantage of the great fishing the lake has to offer, and this hits the heart of our mission,” McCullough said. “The Great Outdoors Fund is dedicated to enhancing equitable access to our public lands and waters so people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the great outdoors.”

The Great Outdoors Fund, Occidental, and park staff are working together to organize a workday on April 24 and rally volunteers to help install the new dock and walkway. Plans also include the construction of a new kiosk featuring water safety information and tasteful partner recognition. Volunteers will meet at 9 am and celebrate with lunch after the project is complete.

“We’re going to mix in a little work with a lot of fun and make a positive impact on a place that so many people love and enjoy,” McCullough added.

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